10 Organic Skin Care Brands That Give Back To Society And The Environment.

As consumers, we’re concerned about whether the brands we purchase from are actually making a positive impact on society. We want to be sure that they’re enriching the lives of people and are taking excellent care of our environment while they’re at it.

These natural and organic skin care brands are not just creating products that are great and safe for our bodies, they’re also making the world a better place!

1. Caudalie: This brand was founded by Mathilde Thomas and her husband Betrand in Bordeaux, France. Their products are all based on vines and grapes. They give back to the environment by donating 1% of their annual world-wide sales to the 1% for the Planet charity movement. Caudalie has committed to working with “Coeur de Forêt” to protect the region of the Alto Huayabamba river, planting a total of 150,000 trees as at the end of 2012 and hundreds of thousands more since then. Partnering with the Nordesta Organization, they also plan to reintroduce endemic bees into the Gilbues region in Brazil.

2. Green People: It started out as a mother searching for an answer to her daughters skin issues and is now a company with a complete range of certified organic products. Apart from using fair traded ingredients, 10% of its net profit is donated to charitable purposes. Green people has worked with charities such as Penny Brohn Cancer Care which helps people live with the impact of cancer and the Chestnut Tree House which provides special palliative care for children and adolescents with life limiting conditions.

3. Fushi: World renowned for their organic, cold pressed and unrefined oils, Fushi is an ethical beauty company whose products are a 100% percent natural, ethical and even suitable for vegetarians. As a recipient of the Ethical Award by the ECO for their commitment to protecting the people, animals and environment, Fushi does not shy away from doing its part in making a better world. Through their support of Tree Aid (a charity dedicated to helping villagers in the drylands of Africa to reduce poverty), women in Africa are being trained to set up small businesses using trees. The women are also taught how to harvest and process Shea nuts, giving them a sustainable source of independent income.

4. Honest: Honest is more than just an organic skin care company, they also have a range of baby care, cleaning and feminine care products. This company does not have a shortage of goodness it has contributed to society. Honest has worked with an large number of organization in their quest to make thee world a safer and better place. Some of them are: Mount Sinai Hospital – creating the Honest Company Ultra Clean Room dedicated to research aimed at reversing the rise of childhood chronic illness and developmental disability, Max Love Project- helping children faced with childhood cancer; Safe Kids Coalition, Girls Who Code and Food Corps.

5. MyChelle Dermaceuticals: MyChelle is a cruelty free, vegetarian company that approaches natural skin care from a very science advanced perspective. It has a “MyGiving Initiative” focused on promoting women’s empowerment. It has, over the past 15 years supported various organizations such as the Woman’s Bean Project, Harmony Foundation and The Young Survival Coalition that help women realize their potential with access to educational and health services.

6. Nourish Organic: In 2003, Nourish, the world’s first USDA certified organic skin care was launched. Steadfast in creating vegan and gluten free skin care products, Nourish Organic also has a very driven statement on giving back that’s inspiring.
“As citizens of the world, we believe it’s important to give back when and where we can, especially to our community and to what we believe to be some of the world’s most important causes”.
The Women’s Center, Association for the Blind, City Rescue Mission, Meals on Wheels, World Vision and the Salvation Army are some of the organizations they contribute to and work closely with.

7. Kahina Giving Beauty: It is a niche beauty brand with a minimalist aesthetic that has all of it’s products centred on Argan oil from Morocco. Kahina Giving Beauty donates 25% of the profits from their products to the Berber women of Morocco who extract the oil. In conjunction with Education For All (EFA) and The High Atlas foundation education, literacy and job creation is furthered for these women. Their products are also fastidiously produced aiming toward cultural and environmental sustainability, using ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials.

8. Dr Bronner: Popularly known for it’s castille soap, Dr Bronner has an excellent array of face and body care products available. According to Dr Bronner, “We have always and will continue to dedicate our profits to supporting positive development projects that improve and enrich people’s quality of life”, and it also definitely done so! The company has built schools and orphanages in Mexico, china and Haiti. It has donated over a thousand two hundred acres of land to the San Diego County Boys and Girls club. It is also involved in activism for fair trade, increased living wage, organic integrity and other worthy causes.


9. Boerlind: This brand is a family enterprise whose products are based on plant extracts. Vegan, Boerlind also uses its own Black Forest deep spring water which is free from chlorine and other chemicals. Annemarie Boerlind goes beyond fair trade in its social responsibilities. It supports families in Siokoro, Mali by providing financial subsidies to the Shea butter plant situated there. In 2014, it planted a tree in Mali for every body butter sold. It even donated money to build a boy’s hostel in Bangladesh for children to whom transportation to school posed a huge problem.

10. Organic Surge: This brand sells a very affordable variety of natural body and hair care products. It’s ethos revolves around individual products, natural formulas and charitable links. Organic surge has made numerous donations geared at creating educational scholarships in Kenyan schools. Organic Surge has also been a huge sponsor of the Baby Care Unit in Kenya Children’s Home, Nairobi since 2009. It also recently started sponsorship of Mercy Ships, a hospital ship NGO that provides free state of the art medical care to places in Africa with little or no access to healthcare.


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