Natural Skin Care 101

Natural Skin Care 101

There are two major facts you should have at the back of your mind before starting your natural skin care journey. The first is that natural skin care can be super frustrating. The second is that not everything “natural” is safe for your skin.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me give a little personal history. I had never had good facial skin (pimples and I had been best buds since my 8th year of school). About two years ago, I decided to try something new: Natural Skin Care Products. I was tired of spending sizeable chunks of my monthly allowance on trying different drug store brands on my face. I had tried everything from face washes, to scrubs to face masks to moisturisers, but none of them had any noticeable positive effects. Some even worsened the look of my skin!

Lesson 1: Try out different soaps, oils, scrubs and masks for yourself. And if you can’t risk that (or don’t have the time), read a lot of reviews on the product you plan to use, paying close attention to reviews given by people with your skin type. For example, while almost every natural skin care blog will tout Shea Butter as the holy grail of moisturisers, they are not completely right. The first step I took was to replace my body lotions with Shea Butter. You see, I had really dry skin on my body and extremely oily facial skin. I made the mistake of trying to use Shea butter on my face and I broke out horribly. It works great on the body (my skin is no longer dry and it got rid of some stretch marks) but it’s really a bad idea to put it on your face if you have oily facial skin with open pores. Trust me on this!

Lesson 2: Be patient. As with all things skin care (natural or not), results rarely ever show in a day. It takes weeks, most times months before any visible positive effects start to show up. Don’t over-analyse your skin every hour of the day. If you do this, even when it starts to get better, you won’t really notice. Also don’t switch products too fast, give them time to work. As long as you aren’t having break outs or some other negative thing, give each product a 2-3 month trial period. I made this mistake several times into my journey. I would stop using a type of soap or oil after a week once I felt like it wasn’t making much of a difference. Now I know better.

Lesson 3: Natural skin care can be expensive too. I’ve noticed that once most people hear “natural” they immediately think “cheap”. Just because you’ve decided to stop buying drug-store or designer skin care brands doesn’t mean your $$$ gets a breather. Great quality soaps and pure oils can be quite costly because sometimes the companies marketing them to you spend a lot on procuring them in the first place. Extra Virgin Olive Oil doesn’t just start dripping from a tree at the back of your house. It takes some steps to get it to that state.

Lastly, skin care goes beyond what you put on your skin. Eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise!


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